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These are the most frequently asked questions

General Questions

How long does it take to setup a new account?

It takes about one week or less to launch new campaigns. After the initial launch the account will grow and develop.

Will I have my own Google Ads account?

Yes, you will have your own Google Ads account under your ownership. You will authorize access so we can manage the account.

Do the ads run all the time?

Ads can be set to run 24/7 or scheduled to run only during specific days and/or hours.

Do I only pay the cost of your manager fee? Are there any other costs?

In addition to the management fee, you will pay for whatever costs you accrue in your Google Ads or other advertising platform accounts.

How much will it cost per click?

The cost of a single click varies depending on many factors including the keyword, competition, quality of your landing page, and more. But one of the goals of optimization is to minimize your average CPC (cost per click) and maximize your total clicks.

Is there a minimum spending limit?

No, we can set your budget wherever you’d like, but we recommend starting with a $300 minimum monthly spend. Anything less than that might not be cost effective for you advertising campaigns.

Are there any guarantees on the amount of traffic?

There are no guarantees on the amount of traffic, but if my research shows there is not enough traffic available from Google or other searches, we will let you know so we can work a different strategy for your business.

Can you manage my existing Google Ads, Bing, social media advertising campaigns?

Yes, we can take over existing advertising accounts. Each account is different so we will review your account to see how much work is needed.

What Exactly is Included?


One Time Set Fee Includes:
  • Initial phone and/or email consultation to talk about advertising goals
  • Set up a new advertising accounts and/or review existing accounts
  • Research keywords and target market
  • Set up initial campaigns and ad groups – organize for relevancy and efficiency
  • Review website landing page and make suggestions for improvements if needed
  • Develop advertising campaign budgets and configure settings
  • Setup conversion tracking to measure conversions appropriately


Ongoing Maintenance Includes:
  • Monthly reporting of account performance
  • Research and test new keywords and ad variations
  • Review Quality Score of keywords and seek to make improvements
  • Continually add negative keywords to remove irrelevant clicks
  • Setup automated rules to optimize account throughout the month
  • Make suggestions for improvements to site and overall marketing strategies based on data
  • Optimize account to focus advertising spend on highest converting campaigns and ad groups
  • Explore new advertising opportunities like Google’s display network, Youtube video advertising, Bing Ads, social media advertising (extra charge)